Hawaii in spring, Summer camping at East Lake (Or) and
Fall trip to Montana, Dakotas and Wyoming

2012 highlights summer and fall.


Irene along a Maui's East Coast inlet.                         West Maui Coast, Lahaina Harbor (HI).

Haleakala Nat. Park at 10,070 ft altitude Maui (HI)

Many inlets along the South Coast and Lindbergh's Grave (both Maui, HI).

Hakolo-Honoko Hist National Park and Active Kilauea Volcano (Big Island) HI.

Akaka falls, one of many waterfalls, (Big Island) (HI).

Harbor close to Kona (HI, Big Island)

Capt. Cook's Memorial, above the rocks left, enlarged on the Right.
Memorial is in the water and can be reached by boat only. (Big Island)

Camping at East Lake (OR)

Hans G at East Lake in Central Oregon (Water filled volcano crater at 6000ft altitude).

Nico, Sherri, Irene and me on the volcano rim at 7000ft.        Me at the Dome (6800ft) with Nico's dogs.

Play on the lake, Eric and Anja.

Play on the water, Nik with Sunni and Lilli (behind her hair)

K2 and Husum.

Easy time, Sherri and Irene on the beach.                                Lonnie exercising.

Sjoukje and Anja with K2.

Around a warm fire telling stories.

Nico and his dogs at the Dome and on the Beach catch a ball play.

Patio Replacement

Deck Joists installed and temporary plant location and last two windows installed.

Fall Vacation

The real "Stonehenge" Memorial along the Columbia River (WA).

Bisons and Antelope in Bison National Refuge (MT)

Left: Hans at a Waterfall with lower and upper stage (dry) - Glacier National Park (MT).
Right: Do not disturb - Medicine Lake Glacier National Park (MT).

Lunch time along the road.                      Waterfall in the Black Hills (SD).

Self Portraits with Mt Rushmore in the background (both pictures)

"Wall Drugs" in Wall (SD)                                                Badlands Nat, Park hiking (climbing) (SD)

Devils tower (WY)   

Col. Custer last battle - Big Hole Battlefield  - Indian Memorial (MT). . . .

And all the horses that fell.

Snow in the morning (MT)       Where the Missouri River starts (MT)              Coeur d'Alene (ID)

Historic Gas Station (WA)

Back Home

The 2 Ks at a school play              Amy (in pink),with her friend Heather                 Our visitor from Vienna


Smiles of our grandkids