Vacationing in Colorado and New York,
 and Oregon and around the house


In a gold mine                                                                            Arches National Park         


Copying Papa Bear                                                                        Thanksgiving Day toast


Spring at Holly Hill Road  -  Clover fields, Cutting down some of our trees and Planting tree seedlings


Summer on the Pacific Ocean Beach                                            Lunchtime while on travel

Arches National Park

Up and down the ladders at Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde from one of the Houses


Break during a hike


Who is the head digger

Black Canyon NP


Denver, lunch coming up

Pikes Peak, Brrrrrr

Marina on Salt Lake

Beautiful Arches

Rest after a couple of hours

Hole in the wall

The two K's (Anja's kids)

What would life be without coffee

Two pictures of Times Square should be connected together

United Nations

Brooklyn Bridge 2/3 walked

Ellis Island with Lady Liberty

From closeby

View of Manhattan from Ellis Island

To much light on top of Empire State Building

Aspen in front of a art store

Just one of the many passes in Colorado

In front of NBC at Rockefeller Plaza as broadcasted (Cranberries)

Thanksgiving Dinner with the family complete with dog "Doonee" (find Irene!)