July 2008 Pictures
Trip Anja and Hans to Europe

Anja in Brugge (BE)

Shopping street in Brugge                                  Chuch windows, Brugge                         Binnenhof pond, the Hague

Royal Palice, the Hague                                                    City Hall, the Hague (NL)                                            In front of "Rijksmuseum"

Amsterdam Center, Dam with monument               Scheveningen Harbor Light                       Art in the dunes, SCheveningen (NL)

         Copying Art                                          Center of Delft, (NL)                                      Information on a cube, Delft (NL)

Pretty House                                                             George and Anja "lost"                                               George and Hans

Anja with Hermine and George                                                Hans with Hermine and George

Flowers and trees on the canals in Delft (NL)

            City Hall, Oudewater (NL)                          Opoe's home, Oudewater                            Where we lived as kids, Helmond, (NL)

Lift bridge over the Ijsel, Oudewater (NL)

Old friends Rob, Liva and Hans - Stiphout (NL)

Fixing the roof, (NL)                                                             Theater-Cafe, Helmond (NL)

                                                 Theo and Hans, Heeswijk                                         Theo and Annie with Anja, Helmond (NL)                       

       Manneke Pis                                           When you are hungry                                        From the museums row
(Above) Brussels (BE)      

US Memorial, Margraden (NL) and the wall of Maastricht (NL)

                                   WW2 memorial                                 Royal Palace of Luxemburg                  Famous Wall and lower town      

           City Hall in Schwys,                                           Murten (CH)                                      Claudia husband's memorial

Murten (CH)                                                                    Sylvie and her kids, Lake Geneve (CH)

Musee d'Orsay                                                               Avenue des Champs Elysees w/ Arc de Triomphe in sight.               
Old railroad station!                                                                                                     Paris                                                           

D'Arc de triomphe

Eifel Tower

Monuments on Seine bridges                                                                                          Notre-Dame

Notre Dam

   Where are we?                                    Entrance hall "Musee du Louvre"                           Break of the museums

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